White people who have their panties in a twist about PRISM really need to turn down the selective outrage for a minute. The government has been peering through the bushes of poc and profiling us in the states since this nation was stolen from ndn people. You’re not outraged you’re afraid they’re going to start doing to you what they’ve been doing to us otherwise youda been pissed a looooong time ago. Then gon talk about some ” see there is absolutely no difference between the parties” maybe not for your white male (Australian) self but if I’m in the states and need an abortion or some healthcare ill notice the difference. Talkin bout some lesser of two evils is a call to apathy. If I march down the street yelling at cops with my little black and red flag they will beat, arrest, and or shoot my black ass. The consequences of “action” are different for poc. I’m not apathetic I’m trying to stay alive you fuck! End rant.

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